Welcome to ACTIVE COPING, Dr. Leigh S. Rosenberg’s website. 

In the coming weeks this website will be undergoing changes- please excuse any inconveniences of the re-construction.

The re-design will provide more resources to assist current and future patients in learning of evidence-based constructive strategies to cope, accept, thrive, and grow in the midst of all types of adversities.

I intend to better serve the needs of current (and previous psychotherapy patients) within my independent practice, as well as introduce new patients and visitors to information about how they might more effectively manage the difficult journey to successfully address the distress in their lives precipitated by one or more factors - longstanding low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, grief, perfectionism, chronic pain, and/or persistent medical illnesses.

For Prospective Psychotherapy Patients

For those arriving as potential patients, I hope you find this website helpful in making your decision to enter psychotherapy. 

It is a courageous commitment to face your distress and request assistance. That decision is not a sign of inadequacy, but a signature of your self-supporting recognition that you want more happiness in life and are now open to guidance to learn what is necessary in order to address your concerns. 

In making your decision to enter psychotherapy, please carefully evaluate whom you choose as your guide. There are many levels of education, training and clinical experience among mental health providers available in Central Florida and online. There are many excellent marketers and savvy entrepreneurs interested in your dollars. Quite apart from them, I have always been a dedicated clinician devoted to honing my craft and serving others in clinical rehabilitation settings including my independent practice established in Central Florida since 1991. You will find my resume of extensive study, training, and clinical work on this website for your review.

Now in my 40th year of providing clinical services, I feel confident that together we can effectively tackle the areas of concern bringing you to treatment. The feedback I have received from patients, past and present, highlights that I listen to and hear your distress, that I am fully trustable and genuine in my concern for their welfare, and because of my breadth of clinical work has garnered  the extensive skill set which is required to lead patients to a happier and more fruitful life. 

At present, I am focusing my psychotherapy work with persons dealing with the following issues of concern: 

                 ---   mood problems - anxiety problems, depression syndromes, low esteem, and acute or prolonged grieving.

                 ---   chronic pain problems - musculoskeletal syndromes or related to other medical disease processes.

                 ---   adult life transition issues - career changes, pre/post relationship-divorce adjustment, and aging issues

The emphasis of my evaluation and interventions with every patient includes: 

                   ---  understanding who you including review of your life history

                   ---   identifying what your current symptoms/need/concerns are

                   ---   providing training in evidence-based cognitive, behavioral, and mindfulness techniques to better manage emotional

                           distress and minimize needs for medication based interventions

                   ---   improving day-to-day functional coping skills to address multiple adverse impacts of enduring medical issues

                   ---   providing consistent emotional support and encouragement to practice self-nourishing techniques

When you are ready to make changes in your life, contact me. If you would like first to briefly discuss your issues of concern before scheduling an initial appointment, contact me via this website or directly at the office (407.362.5930). We can work together to solve your problems and help you grow into the person you want to be.

Appointments are available in-office, via teleconferencing, or via telephone sessions.

 Available Appointments

In 2024 my office will be open for clinical sessions on Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Thursdays each week. On each of those days appointments will be available beginning at 10 AM and ending with a  6-7 PM appointment. 

Psychotherapy sessions are offered in-office in Longwood, via teleconferencing, and/or by telephone. Unless there is an issue with significant medical difficulties or distance, I strongly recommend that your initial appointment be held in-office rather than remotely. Subsequently we can discuss options for future sessions, in-office or remotely (on-line or via telephone).

When opting to teleconference, you will enter my "Virtual Waiting room" on-line. The link for this is found on a different website page using  the "Telebehavioral Sessions" link you currently see in the left side panel. Once on the new page click on the highlighted link to enter the virtual waiting room.  

Appointment Setting

New Patients: In order to set up an initial appointment, any new patient will need to be in contact with me first by telephone or via email. New patients are not able to set up initial appointments through the internet appointment portal. After our direct contact to set up your initial appointment you will then be receiving a series of forms - some for your records, others to complete and return to me for your clinical file. You will also be emailed a Patient Portal invitation (expires in 48 hours) with a link to establish access to the patient portal and then have future accessibility to making appointments anytime online.

Current Patients:  All active patients are requested to set up their Patient Portal for purposes of having availability of appointment setting online, as well as having all future email communications being encrypted.

Using the Patient Portal all active patients will be able to check, set, or change appointments with full confidentiality. You will also be able to input and update personal information, insurance information. You will be able to correspond with me via encrypted  emails. The Patient Portal is always available to you (24/7 daily, 7 days each week).

While all active patients have the availability of using the patient portal to set/change/check appointments, you will also have the option doing so directly with me at the end of any (in-office. teleconference, telephone consultation) psychotherapy session.

Once you have established your login/password, you can reach the Patient Portal via this link:  TherapyAppointment.com

 *     *     *     *     *

I appreciate the opportunity to provide others with true psychological care. And I applaud all of my patients for the courage they demonstrate in doing the hard and beneficial work of psychotherapy.

Hopefully you will find the resources and tools on the rest of the website helpful.

Be Well and Enjoy.

Dr. R.


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