2022 Coronavirus / COVID-19 Update  

As we all now deal with the newest Coronavirus variant, my office remains open on Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Thursdays. Each of those days appointments will be available beginning at 10 AM and ending with a 6-7 PM appointment. 

For the foreseeable future, psychotherapy sessions will be offered either in-office, via teleconferencing, and/or through audio (telephone) conferencing. You will need to indicate any change in preference for mode of sessions - I will expect you at the office unless otherwise being informed of your preference for internet teleconference or telephone call. To enter the teleconferencing virtual waiting room, access the "Telebehavioral Sessions" link in the left side panel, then click on the highlighted link. 

The same safety precautions remain in place for all patients coming into the office for their sessions:  all patientsregardless of vaccination status, are required to wear facial masking once entering the office suite, Exercising safety and prudent caution to limit contracting or spreading this virus and its multiple variants remains of paramount importance.

For those patients opting for teleconferencing or telephone consultations, if using insurance benefits, it is your responsibility to check with your insurance provider about any changes in their reimbursements policies for off-site / remote sessions. If they have updated their telebehavioral reimbursement policies this may result in leaving you to pay out of pocket for all or part of your teleconferencing psychotherapy sessions.

In review: All patients continue to have 3 options to continue their psychotherapy sessions: 1) coming in to the office - FACIAL MASKING REQUIRED; 2) having sessions by telephone; or 3) having sessions via internet teleconferencing. It is each patient’s choice about how to proceed with psychotherapy, visiting the Longwood office or having remote sessions.

Appointment Setting

New Patients: In order to set up an initial appointment, any new patient will need to be in contact with me first either by telephone or via email. New patients are not able to set up initial appointments through the appointment portal.

Current Patients:  All patients have been provided access and instructions for the 24/7 portal for appointment scheduling (unless they have declined using the system). The system is secure, confidential, does not allow any patients to see any other patient's information or appointments. Using this appointment setting system, at any time, you can set, change, or check your appointment schedule.

                                     The link to enter the appointment setting portal is: TherapyAppointment.com

As earlier noted, there is no way to indicate your preference for on-site or remote sessions. If you have not already advised me of your preference, or need to change your preference, leave me a voicemail (407.362.5930).

Payment Issues:

For payment issues not resolved at the office,  you can use the "Make A Payment" page (link in left side panel) which allows you to use any major credit cards, debit cards, or Paypal account, to make co-payments and/or pay outstanding fees.

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I appreciate the opportunity to provide you with psychological care.

I applaud your courage in doing the hard and beneficial work of psychotherapy.

Be Well. Be Safe. & Enjoy.

Dr. R.

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ACTIVE COPING THERAPIES is Dr. Rosenberg’s professional website, a resource for current and future patients, also designed for the community at large, to assist in learning effective strategies to cope, accept, thrive, and grow in the midst of adversities. This site serves as a portal for patients in psychotherapy within Dr. Rosenberg's independent practice, as well as an information hub for persons looking for direction to manage their journey through low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, illness and/or medical disease syndromes.

This website is updated by Dr. Rosenberg; feedback is appreciated as to its current content and any desired additions to content.


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FOR PROSPECTIVE PSYCHOTHERAPY PATIENTS: If you have arrived here as a potential patient, I hope you find this website helpful in making your decision to enter psychotherapy. Now in my 38 th year providing clinical services, I do feel confident that together we can effectively address your mood problems (e.g. anxiety, depression, grieving, etc.), assist you in making sound choices making life changes and transitions, and train you in effective non-medication based ways to manage emotional distress and the multiple negative impacts of medical issues (e.g. chronic pain syndromes, cancer, etc.). I hope you will take the opportunity to read about my history, credentials. and understand my commitment to providing the highest quality care.

It is important for a person to recognize that she or he needs help. It is courageous for that person to take the next step, to actively seek help, to begin the treatment process. When you are ready to make changes in your life, please contact me; we can work together to solve your problems and help you grow into who you want to be. If you would like additional information or want to briefly discuss your concerns, do not hesitate to contact me (407.362.5930). And when you are ready to set up your initial appointment, call or send Dr. Rosenberg an email via the "Appointment Request" page.


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