Welcome to ACTIVE COPING, Dr. Leigh S. Rosenberg’s website. 

In the coming weeks this site will be undergoing changes- please excuse any inconveniences of the re-construction.

The re-design will provide more resources to assist current and future patients in learning of evidence-based      constructive strategies to cope, accept, thrive, and grow in the midst of all types of adversities.

My intention is to better serve the needs of current-previous psychotherapy patients in my practice, to introduce             new patients and visitors to information about how they might more effectively manage their lives. In particular, to       guide others to methods to successfully address distress often precipitated by one or more factors - longstanding               low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, grief, perfectionism, chronic pain, and persistent medical illnesses.

        Active Patients - Access the Patient Portal via this link:   TherapyAppointment.com

Prospective Patients: Use the Information - Appointment Request link (left side panel) to Get Started

Psychotherapy sessions are offered in-office in Longwood, via teleconferencing, and/or by telephone.

At present, I am focusing my psychotherapy work with persons dealing with the following issues of concern: 

                 ---   mood problems - anxiety problems, depression syndromes, low esteem, and acute or prolonged grieving.

                 ---   chronic pain problems - musculoskeletal syndromes or related to other medical disease processes.

                 ---   adult life transition issues - career changes, pre/post relationship-divorce adjustment, and aging issues

If you would like to briefly discuss your issues of concern before scheduling an initial appointment, contact me via the "Information-Appointment Request" form on this site or by contacting me at the office (407.362.5930).


Now in my 40th year of providing clinical services with persons suffering with mild to often very serious, debilitating         emotional and physical challenges, I am confident in my ability to effectively work with them to tackle the areas of   concern bringing them to treatment. My breadth of clinical work has now yielded an extensive skills set in the areas outlined which I believe allows me to lead patients in psychotherapy to a happier and more fruitful life.

Feedback I have greatly appreciated from past (and present) patients, highlights that I listen, empathize, and connect     with them  in a way that assures them that I am fully trustable, but that I am genuine in my concern for their welfare,

For those arriving as potential patients, I hope you find this website helpful in making your decision to enter psychotherapy.  It is a courageous commitment to face your distress and request assistance. That decision is not a sign       of inadequacy. It is your self-supporting recognition of a desire for more happiness in life and a willingness to learn         what is necessary to do in order to address your concerns. 

I encourage you In making a decision to enter psychotherapy to carefully evaluate whom you choose as your guide.

I have always been a dedicated clinician devoted to honing my professional skills craft and serving others in clinical rehabilitation settings and within my independent practice (established in Central Florida since 1991). You will find            my resume of study, training, and clinical work experiences  on this website for your review.


For 2024, this website will continually be improving to meet patients needs, a website "in progress." 

I continue to appreciate the opportunity to serve and provide others with psychological care and treatment. 

I continue to applaud my patients for the courage they demonstrate in doing the work of psychotherapy.

And as it always has been for me, it is an honor to work with people attempting to better their lives, to enhance the                    lives of their family and friends, and to benefit the communities in which they live.

Be Well & Enjoy.

Dr. R.



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