Appointment Setting / Fees & Payment

2024 - Dr. Rosenberg's Available Psychotherapy Treatment Times

[In-Office Sessions, Telebehavioral Sessions, Telephone Sessions]

Tuesdays          10 AM to last appointment 6-7 PM

Wednesdays     10 AM to last appointment 6-7 PM

Thursdays         10 AM to last appointment 6-7 PM

There is no secretarial/administrative coverage available at this time.

Please leave a voicemail (407.362.5930) outlining your appointment request or information need for callback


When opting to have your appointment as a teleconference, you will enter my "Virtual Waiting room" on-line. The link     for this is found by clicking on "Telebehavioral Sessions" within the left side panel. Once on the telebehavioral sessions page then click on the highlighted link to enter my virtual waiting room. I will join you there at your scheduled time.

Additional Availability

Dr. Rosenberg is generally in the office, but not seeing patients, every Monday.

He is available then to address any of your administrative, business, or needed scheduling or rescheduling issues.  

For New Patients: Contact Dr. Rosenberg using the "Information - Appointment Request" page. 

You can also opt leave a voicemail message (407.362.5930) for callback. 

While you can establish yourself as a prospective patient and input information via,                     you will not be able to set up an initial appointment by yourself. This must be done  with Dr. Rosenberg directly.

Please note that unless there is an issue with significant medical difficulties or lengthy distance, Dr. Rosenberg does recommend that your initial appointment be held in-office (Longwood) rather than remotely. After completing your     initial session you can discuss options for holding future sessions in-office or remotely (on-line or via telephone).

In order to set up an initial appointment, a new patient will need to be in contact with Dr. Rosenberg by telephone                 (or if needed through Email). New patients are not able to set up appointments via the Patient Portal. 

After scheduling of your Initial Appointment you will be receiving 2 separate Email's from Dr. Rosenberg. One will     confirm your Initial appointment date and time, as well as include a series of downloadable forms (2 for your records,               several others to complete and return to Dr. Rosenberg at or before your Initial appointment. The other Email will be            a Patient Portal invitation (expires in 48 hours) with a link to establish access to the Patient Portal. This portal will allow     you accessibility to making/changing appointments online at any time, as well as to send confidential emails.

For Established Patients:   After establishing your Patient Portal login name and password, you can then can schedule    one or more appointments, cancel or reschedule appointments, or check dates/times of your scheduled appointments,       at any time with complete confidentiality. If you need Dr. Rosenberg to resend your Patient Portal Invitation via  email, please use the Information-Appointment Request form or leave a voicemail message (407.362.5920).

You can also contact Dr. Rosenberg via an encrypted email message by using the Patient Portal.

All patients will have the option of scheduling appointments at the office, during teleconferences, or by telephone.

Use this highlighted link to reach:


Payment Policy - Payment for services in expected at time of service delivery.

Fees can be paid by cash, check or by any of the major credit cards. To use a credit card, click on the "Make A Payment"          link (see left side panel) at any time to make your payment online.

You can also provide written authorization for Dr. Rosenberg to use a specific credit card you place on file.     

Payment Options

Using Self PayAllows for complete confidentiality of personal information. No information will be provided to anyone without your signed consent to release information.

Using Insurances: Treatment services may be covered in full or in part by health insurances or employee benefit plans.

Dr. Rosenberg is a clinical panel member for several major health insurance carriers (Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare)       as well as Medicare and many Medicare Advantage plans.

Before starting treatment check with your insurance carrier to ensure what fees for treatment will be reimbursed                 as well as any co-payment for services you will be responsible for with each treatment service provided.

If you use out-of-network (OON) benefits you will be responsible for full fees at time of service delivery, then will be provided an invoice for services rendered which you can submit to the insurance carrier for direct reimbursement. 

Using insurances does mean some loss of your confidentiality. Health insurance carriers may request specific data regarding your diagnosis(es), treatment progress, etc. at any time to determine and may use that information to   determine if they will reimburse or deny reimburse for any treatment service provided. 

Cancellation Policy: 48 hour notice is required or a fee will be assessed for any "no show" or late cancellation.  

Waiver of this fee will be considered on a case by case basis for emergency need cancellations only.

Special Arrangements : Reduced fees are available on a case-by-case need basis.

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