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Treatment Options - Adults

Individual Psychotherapy
Family Consultation related to Chronic Illness & Disease Syndromes
Group Psychotherapy / Workshops: Coping with Chronic Pain, Illness Management, Building Esteem

Treatment Specialization Areas:
Active Coping Strategies to Manage Pain Syndromes
Psychological Preparation for Surgeries
Techniques for Managing Chronic Illness Syndromes
Resolving Situational Depressions
Overcoming Anxiety-Panic Syndromes
Building Self Esteem & Self Nurturance
Working Through Grief and Loss
Resolution of Early Abuse-Trauma Experiences
Cognitive / Imagery / Somatic Relaxation Training

Treatment Approach
Let me review for you my background and approach to psychological evaluation and treatment. Across many years of clinical work at mental health facilities, medical rehabilitation centers, and as an independent practitioner, I have had the pleasure and honor of teaching people many different types of practical, non-medication based methods to enhance their effectiveness in their ability to cope, manage, and thrive in life.

My initial education and work was in Pennsylvania; after completing graduate education and training in Indiana and Florida, from 1985 to present I have been licensed as a Psychologist in Florida. My roles have since included being an individual and family psychotherapist, marital-couples counselor, consultant to religious communities and rehabilitation facilities, as well as serving as Clinical Director of two nationally accredited outpatient multidisciplinary pain management programs. In 1991 I was designated as a Diplomate of the American Academy of Pain Management; I have since continued clinical work in the field of medical health psychology, specifically working with individuals (and their families) who face the adversities of various chronic disease syndromes and pain disorders. I have also continued my work with persons dealing with emotional difficulties born of trauma, as well as assisting persons who suffer from chronic worry, anxiety, depression and low esteem problems.

The fundamental key to starting the process of change with persons I work with individually is building trust & rapport. This is founded and anchored in a genuine caring concern about each person as a human "being." Each person I work with faces significant challenges, sometimes medical, sometimes emotional, often times both. I respect their courage in coming to my care and being receptive to options in coping with adversities. I appreciate that they may be battling a culture and treatment system which often addresses chronic problems like acute ones; I offer comprehensive mind-body-spiritual interventions tailored to each patient's needs and designed so they can interdependently and self-reliantly cope long into the future

It is gratifying to know that across 38 years of clinical work my patients have responded with trust in my competence, have openly shared their lives, and have been willing to and benefit from trying new methods to face, manage, and overcome many challenges, fears and disappointments. They have honored me and inspired me by expressions of appreciation for my support, guidance, and persistent optimism about their potentials to grow in life, to use new, creative, and practical ways to transform themselves and their life situations.

Within many tailored treatment approaches used, I help patients reexamine and revise their responses to real threats they face, emotional and physical, as well as understandable but nevertheless fantasized threats which though often inaccurate still have potent negative impacts on them. I train people to to creatively forge ahead by practicing more effective ways to to think, react, and relax. I assist them with creative alternatives addressing their physical, emotional, interpersonal and spiritual challenges. I engage patients in the process of change and growth and self-affirmation, helping them move through a dense forest of uncertainty to a renewed sense of freedom and greater personal control. The outcome of therapy, globally, is to have those I work with leave treatment with a newfound respect for their inner strength, their capacities for coping mastery, and their ability to independently create and sustain happiness and fulfillment in their lives.



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