Telebehavioral Sessions

A Message to All Active Patients

In addition to offering in-office sessions, all of my patients have the option of having their psychotherapy sessions via tele-conferencing (or by telephone audio-conferencing. Note: If using the online appointment setting system, please note there is no way to designate your preference (for tele-conferencing or audio-conferencing); let me know by email or voicemail if this your preference and I will assume all sessions will be held in this manner unless you later advise me otherwise.

It is your preference as to how we hold sessions. Most insurers are reimbursing for use of telebehavioral or audio sessions; it is your responsibility to confirm that your insurer(s) will continue to reimburse remote (not in-office) sessions post-pandemic.

Audio-conferencing & Tele-conferencing Procedures:

If you opt to have sessions by telephone, I will call you at your scheduled session time from my office line (407.362.5930).

If you opt to have sessions via tele-conferencing, you may use a computer (with microphone/camera), tablet (with microphone/camera), or smart cell phone. It may be necessary to switch your microphone and video settings to allow audio and video feed -- changing the setting from "Private" to "Allow."

The highlighted link below will take you directly to my teleconferencing site "Virtual Waiting Room."  A few minutes before your scheduled appointment time click on the link below, then enter your name. The site will indicate to me that you are in my virtual waiting room. At your scheduled appointment time, I will start our session.

The link to enter my virtual waiting room is:

If this link does not work, please cut and past the above line into your browser.

NOTE: The internet site used,, is HIPPA compliant. Your session will not be recorded. No information will be kept by the teleconferencing site.

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